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Oasis Rimless Toilet Suite Matte Black

Oasis Rimless Toilet Suite Matte Black

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Matte Black Back to Wall Toilet with R&T Cistern

Slimline Seat


615 x 360 x 825mm


Rimless Flush Technology

Nano glazing surface

Highest quality vitreous ceramic

Slimline Seat (ISC93) - Ergonomic UF and quick release soft close seat

Universal system for both top inlet and bottom inlet

P-Trap: IS15 180mm
S-Trap: IS32 80x160mm
Round Chrome Plush Button

Option:-Round Matte Black Button

Optional Traps:

S-trap extension IS17 140-250mm with extra

S-trap extension IS18 60-130mm with extra

Optional Flush:

Geberit Back and Bottom Inlet IZTSPK-G
Optional Colour: White
Water Consumption:

WELS 4 Star

4.5L/Full, 3L/Half

Area Required
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